Part of my goal as a photographer has always been to go above and beyond what is "expected" or "ordinary." Photography fuels my soul. It’s my pride, my purpose, and it fills my heart with all of the best things. Connecting with clients gives me the same feeling, and just like a lifelong friend, I want to be sure that each and every mama, bride, and family member who walks through my doors is treated with the utmost care and consideration.

With my clients in mind, I choose to incorporate a complimentary reveal + ordering appointment with all of my sessions.

You might be thinking,

That’s AWESOME, Megan, but what does that mean?

wall gallery sample.jpg

It means that I believe in a full-service experience. I believe that simply handing you a usb or disc of your digital images and leaving you to figure out what to with them is unfair. It’s overwhelming, and it leaves you with an extra barrier between receiving the images and enjoying them, which means my job is not complete.

Life is busy; we all have priorities and responsibilities. Even as a professional photographer, I’m guilty of not getting around to printing my images from time to time, and then they sit in the online abyss for months, years, and sometimes forever without fully being enjoyed. Can you relate?

This is where the reveal + ordering appointment comes in to play.