When I was a little girl, turning through albums was my favorite thing in the world. As I turned through the pages, I remember feeling overwhelmed with curiosity. Who were these people, what’s their story, are we related? The people I saw in those images were gone long before my time, but I still knew them, I know their stories, I knew they were here, and a part of them now lives on with me - forever.

My favorite place in the world was my grandma’s house. She lived in a log cabin in the woods, which was known for it’s circular gravel driveway, an overabundance of chain-smoking, and an incredible wall of family history. When you first walked through the door, you’d hear a bell ring, and then as you turned the corner, you saw a wall full of disorganized framed photographs. It was her signature, and piece of history that no one who entered that house would forget.

As a photographer, I’ve recently made the switch from solely providing digital files, to offering the beautiful goodness shown above. I made this decision with you in mind. Your life story is valuable, and courageous and it deserves to be preserved and shared with the world.

As a mom, I believe that time is a thief. It doesn’t pause for anyone, nor does it slow down at your request. I find so much value in preserving life and all of it’s moments, and I’m here to help you do the same. xx

The more we move into the digital age, the less of our legacy is preserved. You can have every intention of getting those photos printed, but before you know it, your images are just sitting in a dark, lonely drawer, on a disk that can no longer be read, or cease to be found. Technology is advancing at a faster rate than it ever has before. Ten years ago I gave out discs with images, and now the most recent versions of some computers don’t even have disc drives.

Clouds, and other forms of ‘back up’ services can fail. Nothing in technology is fool proof. Take care of your memories.

Your children and future grandchildren deserve to have albums to look at. Your story will live on as they turn through the pages of your life, ask questions, wonder, re-live, and identify.

Before you decide to leave with just the digitals, please consider this. You won’t regret it, I promise.