Veronica + Paul | MN Engagement

Love is a blessing. An unconditional, thrilling experience that for some, lasts a short season, and for others can last a lifetime.

Veronica and Paul are two individuals that found each other in high school. They are lovebirds in every sense of the phrase; even when it comes to literally being like birds. They've been all over the world, but in the end, they always come home to one another. They began dating their senior year of high school and have held a strong relationship built in faith ever since.

Upon graduation, Paul made the honorable decision to enlist in the Marine Corps. A decision that not so many are brave enough to make. I know I wouldn't be. So, first off, thank you, Paul. Our country and family, is ever so lucky to have you.

Amidst the swell of graduation parties and class get togethers, the first week of summer went by quickly, and Paul left for basic training. For those of you who have ever been in a military relationship, you know that it is one of the most bittersweet, difficult things to endure. You're so incredibly proud of the one that you love, but at the same time your heart aches at even the smallest recognition of their absence. For the one in the military, that's something I can even begin to put into words. I don't even want to try. You leave literally everything you have, and everything you love behind. You leave it all, for your country.

Toward the end of summer, before Paul even completed his training, Veronica left on a trip abroad. She would be gone for an entire year in Denmark. Having a phenomenal opportunity, of course, but also missing out on every leave that Paul had to come home.

A year passed, Paul was deployed over seas, Veronica was across the world. Tears were shed. Life went on, and they stayed strong; together.

They have overcome obstacles that most people don't have to endure through an entire lifetime. Yet here they are, still madly and ever so deeply in love.

When Veronica + Paul said that they wanted me to be their photographer, I cried. We're not talking little tears - we're talking ugly crying. The kind of crying where you go through an entire box of kleenex and the whole house can hear you. To say I was excited was an understatement. To have the opportunity to capture little snippets of their love for each other as their engagement and wedding photographer was a complete honor. I am so thrilled to be able to share their images with you.

To Veronica + Paul,

Here's to a future of never-ending love and adventure.