Birth Photography | Canaan - Rochester, Minnesota

Babies are the worlds greatest blessing.

When Andrew and Brandy first contacted me about documenting their birth story, we were strangers. It didn’t take long for me to love them, whole-heartedly. They gave off this sort of energy and strength that I’d never experienced in a couple before. I knew nothing about their story, or the obstacles they’d overcome.

Infertility is a painful reality to endure. You dream of having children; you invest in a home with enough bedrooms to fill with little ones. You hope to grow throughout the holidays as a family, making endless memories within those walls you’ve worked so hard to create. With infertility, however, those rooms are a constant reminder of the dreams which resist to come true, and bring a constant ache, and longing for that one positive pregnancy test.

Canaan Joseph Allen is the beautiful little boy shown below in these photographs. Andrew and Brandy never gave up hope on their little miracle, and I’m so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to document their birth experience.