Birth Stories

The journey into parenthood is such a unique, profound experience. It’s hard, and messy, and it breaks you while building you up all at the same time. Documenting a woman’s journey into motherhood is the most beautiful experience to witness. It’s unlike anything else in the world, and it’s never the same twice. The incomparable exhaustion, the tension as she’s progressing into transition, the vulnerable overwhelm of emotion when she feels like she just can’t do it.. and the admiration you feel when she does. It’s such a significant moment in your life, and it’s absolutely worthy of remembering. I adore all aspects of the birth experience, but it’s the ordinary moments that pull on my heartstrings most. The tender connection shared with your partner, or doula. The look in her eyes when she holds her baby for the first time, the little toes, the chubby cheeks, the raw and real story of your journey into motherhood.

* It is of utmost importance to me that you birth on your own terms. Therefore, I do not avoid nudity in my images. Authenticity is of far more importance to me than perfection, so I prefer step back and allow your story to unfold naturally.


I strive to document your birth experience as the beautiful story that it is. Whatever you envision for your birth story will never deter me from joining you. Whether it’s an intimate home-birth surrounded by loved ones, a planned hospital birth, or delivery in a birth center – I’ll be right there, capturing each moment with honesty & integrity.


Please understand that my family is my number one priority, and because of that, I am only able to accept a limited number of births and sessions per year — a maximum of two births and four sessions per calendar month. Please contact me as early as possible if you’re interested in having your story documented so we can secure your session time.


The journey into parenthood is incredibly profound. Whether it’s for the first time, or the third, every birth story is so beautifully unique. When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring an artist to preserve moments with your loved ones that you will never experience again in the exact same way. While there can be significant financial sacrifice involved, I do my best to work with families so that my services are attainable for everyone. Please contact me to discuss your custom payment plan or to set up your custom gift registry.


Let’s tell your birth story.

birth story collections begin at $1699


Pre-consultation (over the phone, via Skype/FaceTime, or in person.)

On call service from 38 weeks until the time of delivery.

My attendance from the time you enter active labor, until two hours after your babe arrives.

Honest, and artistic documentation of your baby’s birth, and the first hour spent with your new baby.

Professional documentation of every detail of your little one’s birth day.

$400 is required at the time of booking to secure your birth story session.
Payment plans are available upon request - ask me for details!



session fee begins at $200 / product collections begin at $599 / digital collections begin at $450

This session is designed to document the raw, authentic story about your first day at home with baby. This is a particularly unique and short-lived season in your life as a new, or newly expanded, family. The days are long, the nights are longer, and the emotions wash over you like tidal waves. At a time when you may feel the most out of place in your body, your home, and your life, this is a documentary session that celebrates change and embraces the hectic, but beautiful, new life you’re settling into. It is an opportunity to practice self-love at a time when you feel more vulnerable than ever before. To be grateful for your body, honoring it as the amazing first home your baby once knew.

All collections are subject to Minnesota sales tax. Pricing subject to change at anytime, without notice.
Extended payment plans up and
gift registries are available!
Please contact me for booking, or with any questions you may have.




Every session begins with a conversation. Contact us today to discuss your customized birth story!

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*I take on a limited number of birth stories each year to give each of my clients a personable experience. Acknowledging your child’s birthday as the significant day it is, I make a point to work closely alongside you during the preparation process, providing professional input along the way.