Hi there! Welcome! I’m Megan and I’m the eye behind the lens. I’m the #1 advocate for medium roast coffee, loving all animals, and delivering a personalized experience to my clients. Photography is intricately woven into who I am. It is my passion, my purpose, and it fuels my soul with all of the best things. I adore the kinship of family, the magic of new life and the intimate bond between adventurous couples in love. I take pride in running a business that’s committed to preserving memories that can be seen, touched and felt every day as you re-live them on your walls, in your hands, and in your heart. 

I believe the best experiences come from someone you can connect with, so before I get to know you, let me tell you a little about myself. When I am not pouring my heart into my work, you can find me anywhere outdoors, hanging out in a coffee shop, or nuzzled on the couch snuggling with my son. I enjoy travel, cheesecake, pine trees, kittens, sleep, coffee, and above all family time. My happy place includes waking up early, wrapped in a cozy blanket with a fresh cup of coffee to watch the sunrise (preferably by a lake or in the mountains). I have a soft spot for outdoor, small intimate concerts, morning hikes, and kayaking.

I would be honored to document your love story. Don’t hold back. You only get this moment once. You be you, I’ll be me. Let’s create something real.


I am an ENFP (Extraverted - Intuitive - Feeling - Prospecting)

I love fiercely, and unapologetically.

I’m OBSESSED with Disney movies.

My zodiac is an Aries

Medium roast coffee is my drink of choice.

I love all animals.

My favorite book is currently, Light Is the New Black, written by Rebecca Campbell

My favorite movies are Garden State and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

My music genre of choice is indie/singer-songwriter

My favorite band is The National, but I’m also in love with Bon Iver.

I have way too many favorite shows to pick one, so a few of my go-to’s are: New Girl, Parks & Rec., Superstore, The Good Place, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries.



I am a storyteller. I have a weakness for love stories, pretty light, and family life. I value the unposed, real, ordinary moments of life. I crave raw emotion in all forms, from belly laughs and ugly cries, to quivering hands and intimate embrace. By taking a documentary approach, I like to quietly step back and allow your story to unfold.



I remember gazing down at my son three days after I brought him home from the hospital. I used to hold him on my chest, tear up, and hope that if I held him close enough that he’d stay small forever. I never knew that my heart was capable of a love so strong, until that moment.

Throughout my first year with him, I learned so much. I had doors open in my heart that I didn’t even know existed. I said things, and did things that I didn’t even know I knew or felt. It wasn’t until he came into my life that I realized just how quickly life goes by, and how important it is to document the life you share with the ones you love.



Love is no easy feat. Whether in marriage, parenthood, or within yourself, it requires you to lean in when you want to run away. It forces you to pay attention when you’re tired and want to check out. It pushes you to be strong when you just want to break down. I’ve spent so many important moments in my life behind the lens, and I know how it feels to be missing from the images that tell such a significant part of your story.

Here are a few of the only images that I have of me with my son in his first year of life. They’re priceless to me and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Professional documentation of your life story is an investment, but take it from someone who lives behind the camera - it’s worth every penny - I promise.

My hope as a mama, photographer, and friend, is to document your life FOR you. I want to grow with you through all of life’s goodness, so that you can continue to be a part of your story, and leave the documenting to me.

You are so loved, and you’re doing a great job. I can’t wait to meet you!